CLOSING SOON is an artist-run space dedicated to minimum production. It hosts exhibitions that align with the principles of the economy of means, focusing on alteration and displacement of pre-existing objects, images, and texts. CLOSING SOON is open to works that are characterized by the use of minimal resources, environmentally conscious materials, and socially responsible production methods. Through a variety of media, including collages, installations, interventions, sculptures, and videos, it aims to explore the feasibility of creating with the fewest resources possible, taking a critical stance toward the means employed in the production and presentation of an artwork. This working method minimizes the production costs and storage needs, and it can be seen as a pragmatic as well as a conceptual response to the overproduction of objects and images.

The purpose of the main exhibition program is to support artists presenting their first solo shows in Athens, challenging them to reduce their research to its most essential dimension and treat the exhibition space as a field of experimentation. Using diverse exhibition and screening formats, the intention is to merge young, underrepresented, as well as established artists with a variety of backgrounds and nationalities. CLOSING SOON runs on a self-financed basis, and when possible, the production materials are sourced through arrangements and agreements made between the team of CLOSING SOON and a network of friends and collaborators. CLOSING SOON is often supported by in-kind contributions, and the goal is to provide the exchange of goods and services and avoid any acquisition outside of this economy.

CLOSING SOON was founded in 2019 by Orestis Mavroudis.