Artist: Fani Zguro
Exhibition period: 10.02.2022–17.02.2022, 19:00–21:00

CLOSING SOON presents From The Series Untitled, a solo exhibition of Fani Zguro. From The Series Untitled is one element of “Cut-Up (Episode 1)", a multi-part solo exhibition taking place at once across of ten locations in Accademia Albertina Turin, Accademia di Brera Milan, CLOSING SOON Athens, Erratum Milan, National Historical Museum Tirana, National Library of Albania Tirana, Townsend New York, Tegeler Weg Berlin, Tirana Art Center, and Phroom Platform Milan, opening worldwide on February 10, 2022.

“...In the photographs of the work “From the Series Untitled”, Mixed media on printed paper, Variable dimensions, 2016, by Fani Zguro, we see nine images where the faces of one, two, three, four subjects, have been not really deleted, but scratched, cut out, severed, grazed, rubbed off. The photographic image has not been manipulated, it is the photographic surface that has been mutilated. There is something very brutal about it, as if the urgency of changing the existing course of events eliminated all politesse. It is a real decapitation: these are beheaded bodies, not disappeared bodies. The fact that the elimination of the face does not leave behind a smooth photographic surface (which translates as a modified event, that person was never there) but on the contrary what is left is the dramatically dismembered surface: a hole. That person was there and I chopped off her head, and by doing this I revealed the inner mechanisms of photographic representation, a photograph is just a thick paper with a light sensitive surface, nothing more than that, not your family, not your friends, but just paper with photographic emulsion, a light-sensitive colloid consisting of silver halide crystals dispersed in gelatin.
“From the Series Untitled” is the equivalent of a passional crime in photography. A crime.
The disappearance of political rivals and dissidents - to incarcerate them is not enough, to kill them is not enough, it has to be as if they never existed- has immediate associations with dictatorships and totalitarism. But also with failed love affairs, broken marriages, betrayed friendships, disinheritances. Life as a torn photograph, identity removed by scratching faces: memory has been lost, and the loss is irreversible...”
Dora Garcia

Text by Dora Garcia
Text by Clara Meister

Press release: Download pdf
Photos: Nikos Katsaros